14 March 2011

A Modern Twist On Officewear

As fashion and beauty enthusiasts, we're always on the look out to spruce up outfits and looks. Which is why I've started a new monthly series, featuring guest bloggers.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to one of my new favorite fashion bloggers Yulia Blower from Fashionwatching. Read on for some great advice from her about keeping office wear modern, by taking inspiration from the runway and be sure to check out her blog for more!

For a reason that I never quite understood the majority of people associate office appropriate attire with 'boring' and 'not in fashion.' I like to think the opposite. I honestly believe that the office gives you an opportunity to wear certain things that you wouldn't in your free, day to day time and allows you to be experimental with certain items. Blazers, blouses, wide leg trousers, straight leg trousers, dresses, pencil skirts, A line skirts, pleated skirts etc etc are all office friendly and are all commanding the spring/summer collections.

Next season will also allow for you to experiment with colours and fabrics as well as patterns, which all adds to the fun of dressing for the office. Mix thin leather shirts or blazers with silks for that modern contrast, throw out all past colour wheel rules and clash. Most importantly don't be afraid to try new things and know that office wear is not just grey wide leg trousers and a white cotton shirt. For inspiration, look to designers such as Armani, Hermes, Diane Von Furstenburg and Burberry who all modernize smart wear.

Burberry S/S 11. A cropped tailored jacket and skinny leg trouser suit with a splash of colour added by the waist belt. Lengthens the leg and emphasizes the figure. The look is smart and sexy, you'll get any deal you go for in this sort of outfit.

DVF S/S 11. Diane Von Furstenburg is famous for creating beautiful feminine silhouettes with her designs. A dress like this is simple, sexy and modern with that twist of material and the band of colour at the bottom.

Giorgio Armani S/S11. High waisted, loose pants, nipped in at the waist blazer and one of Spring/ Summers favorite colours, blue. Need I say more. Jazz it up with a few accessories and killer heels and you'll be killer in that important meeting.

Hermes S/S11. Sexy, sophisticated, feminine with a hint of importance. Wide leg trousers are very diverse and can be worn with different style tops, smart t-shirts, silk blouses and can even be worn with flats for comfort.

Check out the rest of the spring/summer catwalks and see if there is anything else that inspires your office wardrobe. I hope this helps you stay clear of the 'boring' connotation that usually comes with office wear.

This is part of the guest blogger series on Share My Fashion Addictions. Want to write a post and have your work or blog featured? Feel free to email me at sharemyaddiction@live.com. Content can be anything fashion, make-up or beauty and related. 

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