11 February 2011

What To Pack: Spring Vacation In Europe

If you're traveling to Europe between the Months of February and June, you're probably wondering if you should pack winter clothing or flowy fabrics and jeans. Overall, it really depends where you'll be going.

Cities like LONDON and AMSTERDAM are all extremely cold during the months of November thru March. From April until Jun expect rain showers and cool winds, with cloudiness and the sun peaking out once in a while.

During the months of Spring (April thru June) in Paris it's warm enough to walk around in jeans, t-shirts and sweater and/or light coat.  If you travel for business, bring proper suits and/or dresses. Formal wear in Europe is the same as any other country, though rather fashion conscious.
Don't forget to take comfortable shoes for sightseeing.

Here are some essentials you may want to pack, whether you're going for a few days, on a class trip or for a few weeks.



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(don't forget layering tanks!)

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Mellie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! It'll definitely come in handy for when I take my trip to Europe next month. I've gotta get a move on with this shopping stuff!!! A few new items are calling my name!

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