25 January 2011

Tips to Winterize Your Hair & Skin‏

1. Assess Your Hair Style:
Depending on your hair type, you might need to change your hair style from your summer hair style to a more appropriate winter cut and length. If you wear bangs, they can be worn shorter in the winter compared to summer due to lack of humidity. In the winter months, the bangs as well as rest of hair will not shorten due to hair soaking up the humidity. If you have curly hair, your curls will be looser in the winter months again due to absence of humidity.

2. Change Your Hair Products:
In the summer months, you might tend to use a smoothing shampoo to control the frizz, but as you move into the winter season, you will need to switch to a moisturizing shampoo. Profound, Goldwell and Redken all have great moisturizing hair products. You need this added moisturizer for your hair due to the added dryness in the air...both inside and out.

3. Increase Facial Moisture:
In the summer, the humidity is a natural moisturizer for the body and face. As you notice in the dryer, winter months, your skin seems to soak up applied moisturizers in a higher quantity than summer. In the winter, you need to boost up the moisturizer. Lancôme has a great facial moisturizer that keeps your face supple all day long.

4. Ensure Moisturizer is Dry:
Allow at least 5 minutes after moisturizer application before applying foundation. If you are short on time, then you can blow dry your face on a low setting to quicken the process. Particularly this winter season I am seeing the growing popularity of powder bases...if you apply these on damp moisturized skin, the foundation will crack.

5. Hair Tools Might Change:
Depending on your hair type, you might be able to put the flat iron away for a few months and switch to a large barrel iron, giving the hot loose big round curl look.

6. Reduce Hair Product Quantity:
In the winter, you don't need to use as much hair gel or other products to get the same effect as in the summer. The summer humidity interferes with your top layer of your hair and this barrier is removed in the winter, allowing you to use less.

7. Time Saver When Blow Drying:
It takes less time to dry your hair in the winter compared to summer. In the summer, I recommend blow drying twice to ensure all moisture is removed. In the winter, due to eliminated humidity, you can skip the second blow through, hence saving time. Of course, rainy days are an exception. I recommend using an ION blow dryer to further save time.

8. Use More Makeup:
As with a moisturizer, your skin seems to absorb more and you cannot get away with the light, airy, summer make up look. Concentrate on adding more lip color (be sure your lips are moisturized and not cracking) and cheek color this season. MAC offers a great variety in its palette of colors.

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