09 January 2011

Nars Orgasm Blush Swatch + Dupe

NARS blushes are raved about as one of the highest quality blushes you can spend money on. But let's be honest, not everyone is willing to spend $30 on a blush.

If you're looking for similar colors and finishes (a.k.a. dupes) of the #1 selling NARS Orgasm blush, try this one:

NARS 'Orgasm'- $26.00            Mark 'After Glo' - $7.00

Both blushes are a peachy-pink color with gold shimmer/sheen to them. Though the NARS one has more noticable gold flecks, Mark 'After Glo' blush is slightly darker and a little goes a long way. Personally I prefer the .mark blush seeing as it looks better during the day time.

The great thing about this color is the fact that it would suit most skin tones, in particular fair-medium.


Kristyn said...

this may sound like a dumb question but what is a swatch>>

Gigi said...

Oh, it's not dumb. :) It's mostly a term used by beauty bloggers. A swatch is when you take some of the product and show it on your skin, so people who want to buy it (and aren't able to test it in store before buying) get an idea what the color looks like when applied. Or also to compare colors.

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