18 November 2010

Nail Trends For 2010/2010

Not only do clothing trends evolve... it seems nail polish colors and styles also come and go out of fashion. Ok, maybe "going out of fashion" doesn't really exist in a polish junkies world, but there will be times that some nail designs and colors will be popping up more then others. What's exciting to me, is the fact that there are so many nail trends going on at once!

Below are the hottest trends in nail polish colors for 2010.

  1. Red – This isn't a new one. Red has always been a color that exudes sex appeal and femininity. Just like lipsticks the key is finding the right red for your taste and skin tone, but since it's fall I find dark reds are gaining more attention.

2. Glitter polishes - I used to hate these, because they're so hard to get off and though hard to admit, I used to find them tacky. That was until I saw some bloggers layering them over contrasting OR matching base colors. Love it.

3. Camouflage for nails--> Grays, Khaki's and Taupe's – For me this is a must have. I first began noticing the trend back in April when I saw Rihanna wearing a flesh toned/taupe polish and now it's everywhere - in shimmery and creme versions. I haven't seen many versions of jaw dropping Khaki polishes though, aside from the collection which was released by Chanel recently.

4. Autumn Hues – think orange, purple, brown and deep green.

5. The "Ruffian" or reversed moon manicure - this look was created by Creative Nail Design (CND) especially for the NYFW Ruffian Fashion show months ago. Since then everybody has been calling this manicure the Ruffian, but it isn't till recently that I've seen it popping up more frequently in the blogsphere.
How to "do the ruffian manicure": I think it looks the best as pictured above: matte dark polish wish a light metallic half moon. But obviously  you can experiment and tweak it to your own taste. The easiest way to do it would be to apply your metallic color first, then with french manicure guides finish with the darker color. Or... you can just free hand it if you have the patience.

6. Navy - This was hot in 2009 but so far the trend hasn't died out yet.

What are your favorite nail trends and which do you hope will make it into 2011?

(Polishes pictured:
Butter LONDON in Royal Navy
NARS 'Vintage' Nail Polish
NARS Nail Polish - Dovima
Givenchy Nail Lacquer in 172 Vintage Garnet
Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe Nail Color
CHINA GLAZE `Tis the Season Holiday 2010 Collection in Party Hearty
Chanel Khakis Nail Polish Collection for Fall 2010
MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Fall 2010
Orly Space Cadet - Cosmic FX Collection, Fall 2010)


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I like look #6. It's like a backwards French tip! And of course, I am always all about the glitter look!

Leslie said...

I am loving the taupes and purples for Fall. My fave taupe is Rimmel Steel Grey and my favorite taupey purple is OPI's Parle-Vous OPI. They both are really opaque and long-lasting.

Gigi said...

I LOVE Steel Grey toooo! :) It's such great quality too. I want something more on the brown or grey side now though.

lucy and sarah said...

I want the steel gray. I lovek grays.

Toesthattwinkle! said...

Im all for the holo and greys!

Anonymous said...

Loveee this..navy and the glitter is def my face!

Miss Neira

L.M. said...

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