16 November 2010

Build Your Engagment Ring

If you've struggled with the thought of what your (or your future fiance's) ideal engagement ring will look like, I don't blame you. The possibilities are endless and choosing a ring is really a visual process.
 For some it may be hard to picture shopping online for wedding rings, but Abazias (an online retailer of loose diamonds and jewelry settings for diamonds) offers an interactive application which comes as close to an in-store experience as you can get.

The Abazias Engagement Ring Builder allows you to customize your ring and determine your ideas price, clarity, size, color and shape as well as allowing you to see the list of matching diamonds and a realistic 3D preview.

So to test out the application, first I picked out the ring band, followed by my choice of diamond (price, shape, clarity, etc.) I found it rather simple to work with while still providing endless possibilities.

And this is what I came up with:

Disclaimer: this review is sponsored by Abazias, the opinions expressed are uninfluenced and those of my own.
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