12 August 2010

Forever 21 Clothing Haul

After putting myself on a "clothes shopping ban" for some time, I finally caved... well only slightly. I'm trying to avoid overbuying things I won't LOVE or at least use frequently (Forever21 is one of the relatively cheap stores out there so I always seem to end up buying pieces I "forget" about after wearing just once). I did my best picking out some wardrobe basics and it all came out to around $100:
1. Sequin Stripes Top ($19.80)
2. Ruched Bust Knit Dress ($16.90)
3. Fab Ribbed Knit Tank ($3.50)
4. Yadhira Knit Dress ($13.80)
5. Denim Appearance Leggings ($8.50)
6. Jewel Studded Pocket Tee ($17.80 $4.99)
7. Double Banded Headband ($1.50)
8. Removable Pin Cardigan ($15.80)
9. Refined Pintuck Shirt ($12.50)
10. Key Connector Ring ($3.80)

As you can tell I've been leaning alot towards olive, pink and navy colors.

I also picked up these sandals from a local store:

What have you been lusting after lately?

1 comment:

Kristie said...

OO I like #2 and #9. Great picks. Right now I'm craving for a nice dress for a wedding.

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