22 July 2010

The Pigment - Water Test

The Pigment Water test? What in the world is that, is what you're probably thinking.
The other day I was sent the video below to check out, made by an ex Bitch Slap Cosmetics affiliate. I don't really care to dig deep and figure out all the past drama this brand has caused, but this video definitly was an eye opener. Specially after I recently became more aware of certains damages cosmetics may bring with them.

Below you'll find a video (by Claire1047) where a test is done with the Bitch Slap Cosmetics "loose paints" vs. MAC loose pigments:

When the MAC pigment is added to water, the pigments remain intact.
When the Bitch Slap Cosmetics loose paint pigment is added to water, it almost turns into water coloring paint! Pretty scary, and definitly something to think about when buying repackaged/cheaper quality cosmetics. Makeup pigments should never mix completely with water. If they do, they are not safe for the eyes because if they go into the eye imagine what could happen. (Bear in mind that extremely pigmented pigments may slightly mix). Fabric dye pigments and paints are the only ones that usually mix in water and are meant to be used on clothes and walls, etc.

I apologize as there is a bit of profanity used in this Youtube video while doing the test.

I don't own any BS cosmetics nor have I tried them. But I got worried about my other cheaper pigments I own. So I decided to do the same pigment-water test with 2 Coastal Scents pigment samples I received with past orders:

Step 1: Plain ol' water in a small plastic container

Step 2:
Added Purple Punch Glitter pigment
As you can see this one didn't blend AT ALL with the water. Which left me kind of relieved, seeing as Coastal Scents cosmetics are also known to be re packaged. Then I figured that it probably didn't blend with the water either, seeing as it's GLITTER! Doh..
Then I tried another actual shadow pigment.

Using S'Amore shadow pigment
This one slightly blended in the water, but for the most part, remained intact.

I feel a bit less worried now knowing that not ALL cheaper cosmetics are completely dangerous, and yet really... really dissapointed with cosmetic companies (like BS cosmetics) who don't even take the time to test their products and/or have complete disregard for the consumers safety and health.

What are your opinions on the matter?


Miss Krimson said...

WOW! AH-Mazing Job! I have never heard of this brand but definitely will keep a look out for it. It looks horrible. The video clearly speaks for itself! I cannot believe this type of makeup is even sold! Thank you so much for doing this review/post! It's a wonder why noone has gone blind from this brand. That seriously is no brand I would by. It's disgusting!!!!
On a side note: I LOVE your french accent. My boyfriend is from france and before you said france in your video I already knew you were french!
I think I found a new favourite blog to read! thanks darling!

Anonymous said...

This is laaaame. It doesnt make any sence. Lol.

Miss Krimson said...

actually ANONYMOUS it DOES MAKE SENSE! if the pigment dyes the water = when it goes on your eyes. it seeps into the skin and can possibly cause blindness/get into the blood stream...

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