30 June 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Trend: Hot Pants

So... For the most part, I've been able to grasp most fashion trends that resurface every few decades. Acid wash jeans, bell bottoms, big shoulder pads, grunge... all would seem like blasphemous ideas, till the masses accepted them and decided they could be made to look good.

Could the same be said for Summer 2010's trend in shorts: hot pants??
Supposed to depict a female version of me doing lunges, ha ha...-->

They've been all over runways this year, from Prada to Marc Jacobs, magazine covers and go way back to the pin up girls era, including all the sexiness it exuded.
Though I'm still on the fence about jumping on the fashion wagon with this trend, some people seem to effortlessly pull it off. Personally, I'd feel a bit too self conscious, and I can only imagine my dad's face upon seeing me walk out the door. On the plus side at least you'll save a whole lot of space if you pack these for vacation?

A few tips on How To Wear Hot Pants (with "Negative Hemlines")- without having them look like you stole your grandma's underwear:
  • Apple shaped ladies, stay far far away from the high waisted variations of this trend. High waists tend to emphasize any problem areas around the stomach ("tummy pooch").
  • Ladies: get your wax/shave/lasering on! No one wants to see hair peeking out of the bikini region or stubble.
  • This goes without saying, but your legs are going to be getting most of the attention. Keep legs looking lean and sexy by exfoliating, applying a fake tanner and moisturizing.
  • Look for a negative hemline curves up your outer thigh. Around the back, it should follow the contour of your tush.
  • Wear them with a skinny waist belt to add some flare. This will also make for less of the "I forgot my pants at home" look.
  • Wearing high (preferably) strappy heels give a slimming effect to the silhouette and make for a more sophisticated look.
  • Pair with tights to reduce the impact of baring so much flesh, and also keeping warm if you live in cooler countries.
  • Watch out for the camel toe! This is a good reason to go for looser shorts.
  • Balance out the silhouette by covering up on top. A billowy blouse, a slouchy top or a sloppy boyfriend blazer will add some sophistication.
I kind of like these runway looks

Thank god there are alternatives for those of us who prefer not to flaunt it all: boy shorts and tap pants.
Boy shorts or short shorts are somewhat like the negative hemline shorts, but bare none of your tush.
Tap pants are a loose, almost skirt like version of them, with a slightly longer hemline (no longer then 2 inches though).

Marchesa S/S 2010

Hot Pants _1

For all Parisians!

Tap Pants:

What are your thoughts on these hot trends this season? What will and won't you be trying out?

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Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

these shorts are so teeny! i dunno if i could go outside like that, lol.

nice post, tho :)

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