12 February 2010

Valentines day nails: Red hearts

My newest nail polish addition: Jordana Red Of Hearts. Usually I'm not a fan of clear glitter polishes as they seem a bit.. 90s? But when I saw this heart filled bottle, I had to have it.

Red Of Hearts is a clear base with a slight reddish tint, loaded with red sparkles and red heart-shaped glitter. If you want more glitter, you can build the amount with additional coats- perfect for layering over your favorite polish. There have been several polishes similar to this available in the past: Maybelline Deeply In Love ($3.50) and the 2009 collection Nicole by OPI ($8). None of these compare to the one from Jordana because mine only costs $2. :)

Now, when I tried to swatch this polish I realised it wasn't gonna be easy to apply. But here's a great tip: the hearts probably won't come out of the bottle when you use the brush- only the glitter. Apply as many coats of the polish as needed to achieve the glitter look you want.

Then, take a toothpick/stick and go fishing for hearts. It is much easier to pick them out of the bottle than it is to try to paint them on with the brush. Once you've gotten the heart onto the toothpick, gently press it onto your nail. Apply as many hearts as you wish then seal with a topcoat. The hearts and glitter actually stay on very well... a bit too well?

Here is my Valentine's day inspired look- obviously you'll have to ignore my messy application:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was wondering how to get the hearts on. I was so frustrated!

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