23 February 2010

Benefit Moon Beam Review + Swatch

I've been meaning to review this product for some time now, since I picked it up at Sephora 2-3 months back. The first time I was intrigued to try it was when I saw it on Pixiwoo's Youtube channel: Moon Beam was mixed with Chanel Vitalumiere foundation - to achieve that glowing-goddess-look all over.
In the bottle it looks yellow-gold/champagne with a peach, pearl hint and it comes with a brush that reminds me of a nail polish bottle.

High Beam vs. Moon Beam:
While I was in Sephora I did some swatches of both products and blended in.
I felt the High Beam was more on the silvery-frost side- great if you want a more noticeable highlighter and specially if you're on the pale side. Moon Beam blends into your skin tone and is more subtle- supposedly nicer for tan/medium skin tones.

What I LOVE about this product:
-A little goes a long way. I don't use it everyday, only for nights out, but all I need is 1-2 drops of this for all the areas that I want highlighted (cupids bow above lips, cheekbones, straight down the nose). I mean, priced at $24 I was reluctant to fork over the cash, but when you think about how long one bottle will last, it's well worth it.

-How to use: It's insanely easy to apply. After my foundation, I just dot it onto the areas that need highlighting, then use my fingers to pat into skin for a flawless look. After that use powder products like you usually would (liquid products always should be used BEFORE powder to prevent from looking cakey and streaky).

-Unlike so many powder highlighters there's no glitter! Nor shimmer. All you get is this dewy glow. I've been wanting to try a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish (highlighter) but then I thought about it and this already does such a good job, I don't think I need to look elsewhere.

-It's a liquid so it doesn't rub off and lasts longer then powders.

(Swatch: Dotted on, then blended into skin)

Have you tried Moon Beam and/or High Beam? And which is your favorite highlighter?

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Mellie said...

Ooh! This looks really nice. I've been looking into getting some highlighters. I just purchased NARS Albatross and I'm really loving it. Maybe at some point I'd like to swatch and possibly try this out as well! Great post! :)

Gigi said...


Actually I'm curious about the Nars Albatross lol! It looks like a really nice color too, and maybe less subtle then this one.
Moon Beam is on the Peach-bronze side, and Nars Albatross looks like it would be more on the gold side.

C'est Moi said...

I've been using High Beam for years and will probably not try anything else. In the winter I use it to highlight my dry skin and then usually dust some blush over it and it gives the same delicate shimmer that cream blush provides.
I didn't really like Moon Beam. I have yellow undertones and the gold stuck out too much for my liking. The best part is that there is no shimmer or glitter so my skin doesn't break out!

Gigi said...

I feel the same way.. but about the Moon Beam lol. :) I wouldn't mind trying the High Beam though, just out of curiosity if it'll suit me better.

And.. The no glitter or shimmer is my favorite part. I've even been shying away a bit from shimmery Blushes lately.

Joanne the whiner said...

imma gonna get it! :)

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