13 February 2010

The MAC Trip Spring 2010 Travel Exclusives Make Me Want To Get to the Airport Early

If you're traveling or heading to the airport soon keep your eyes peeled for MAC’s latest Trip travel exclusives for spring/summer 2010.

Several of the bigger lines like MAC, Clinique and Estee Lauder periodically release limited-edition makeup collections for sale at airports and other travel hubs (domestic and international) that aren’t typically carried in their free-standing stores or counters

Cremesheen Trio
•Creme de Nude (a pale, muted peachy beige)
•Speed Dial (a light blueish pink)
•Modesty (a muted neutral pink)

Dazzleglass Trio
•Like Venus (a light bubblegum pink with red pearl)
•Sugarrimmed (a milky pale pink with pearl)
•Smile (a light coral with pink and pearl)

Eye Liner Trio
A combination pencil/pen/kohl liner that covers the eye-lining basics.
•Penultimate Liner in Rapid black (a true black)
•Pearlglide liner in Black Russian (a black with navy blue glitter)
•Technakohl in Graphblack (a rich black)

Zoomlash Trio
Here’s a trio of Zoomlash Mascaras in Zoomblack to help you keep your mascara stash stocked.

Define and Blend Brushes
A great brush starter kit and carrying case with five pieces for eyes and face!
•Zip-up carrying case (CUTE polka dots) with inner pocket
•129 SE Powder/Blush Brush
•190 SE Foundation Brush
•209 SE Eye Liner Brush
•219 SE Pencil Brush
•252 SE Large Shader Brush

Shape and Perfect Brushes
Expand your brush repertoire even further with these five eye and face brushes for contouring and blending.
•Zip-up carrying case (white gingham pattern) with inner pocket
•168 SE Large Angled Contour Brush
•187 SE Duo Fibre Brush
•194 SE Concealer Brush
•212 SE Flat Definer
•275 SE Medium Angled Shading Brush

Prices on travel exclusive collections can vary by location, but are usually priced in line with products at regular MAC stores and counters.
Have you gotten your hands on any of these yet?

[Photo: makeupandbeautyblog.com]

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JayBranam said...

gosh I adore M.A.C best makeup period`

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