08 February 2010

Accessorizing: 3 Basics Every Woman Needs

If there where one accessory I'd say every woman should own, it would be a pair of diamond studded earrings. Next to Swarovski crystals, diamonds remain celebrity's number one choice of "icing": they're elegant and glamorous. Plus, they always look incredible on anyone, at anytime.
Every girl feels like a princess when wearing a pair, and they add a touch of class to any outfit. Since studs tend to be simple, they'll match whatever you're wearing and even add glamour to a T-shirt and sweatpants. Plus the sparkle will bring out your face, eyes and smile.
The earring style depends on the wearers style. There's an abundancy to pick from since there are a variety of shapes and sizes available: big, small, triangle, square, round, teardrop, heart, etc.

Another must have for women are a nice pair of dark sunglasses. An oversized pair will give you that movie star appeal and best of all hide dark circles. They help you feel and look a bit more pulled together on days when you don't feel or look your best, help protect your eyes from the sun and prevent wrinkles due to squinting.

My last pick would be a classic necklace that will match anything and is a part of her. Whether it's a pearl necklace or a name-pendant (like the one Carrie Bradshaw is famous for). I love/need to switch up my accessories, but there's something very unique about having special pendant that symbolizes something. Whether it's a single stone on a delicate chain or a gothic cross, they are a great way of expressing oneself.

 What are your must haves?

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