22 January 2010

Trendy bags to carry-it-all.. and a creative valentines day gift

Just a few days ago I came across a new online boutique selling cute messenger bags! Obviously they also sell other items like t-shirts, accesories, etc. but it's the bright bags that caught my attention. The Flying Daisies crossbody bags are a slightly more fashionable version of the messenger bag.
I immediately thought of these cute bags as a diaper bag for moms on the go, shopping trips to the supermarket or also for carrying around books- for students.

Flying Daisies offers bags in three different styles, each are made from top-quality designer materials. Each bag is hand sewn from a blend of gorgeous tapestries and features playful patterns, special silk, satin and velour linings.
My favorite part? The modern modern bright stripes and retro multi-colored shapes. Plus it's available in limited quantities so you won't have to worry about not being unique. And Michelle from the new up and coming online boutique also let me know that they're always introducing new styles.

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True Religion Jeans said...

I love croshbody bags.. I love it for window shopping :)

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