31 January 2010

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume review

The hot pink/metallic packaging is probably the main reason I bought it. :) I had the first version of the Define-A-Lash - which I only liked as a daytime mascara. So did this one live up to expectations?

Packaging: 5 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5 ($7.50 or less)
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims:
  • Clump-free: Lightweight formula coats lashes cleanly. Unique built-in clump remover leaves zero clumps on brush for zero clumps on lashes.
  • Very Voluptuous: Sculpts and plumps the lash look for perfect fullness
  • More refined: The new volume lash look, perfectly defined..
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What I like:
Aside from the packaging I like that it truly defines and seperates lashes. The tube is also so well made that once you take out the mascara, there isn't an overload of product on it. (unlike, for example, L'oreal Voluminous). I think it has to do with the ultra fine plastic bristles on the wand.

I LOVE a mascara that gives me a "so perfectly seperated it looks fake"-look, and this one delivers.

What I dislike:
It doesn't add as much volume as other volumizing mascaras. I'd say from a 1 to 10 it deserves a 6 on the volume-scale, which is probably due to the rather thin wand.

Also, when I apply it, I need to not blink for 10 seconds or I end up with smudges on my lower eye .. The formula it's a bit on the "wet" side.

Easy to use mascara. You'll have to be carefull though if you're using more then one coat. At first when I tried this mascara I was very dissapointed with the lack of volume and kept comparing it to my holy grail L'oreal Voluminous. But after using a few times I find myself only reaching for this mascara, even for night time looks where you want more drama.
The most effective way to apply: just sweep a coat all across lashes starting on the outside. Then quickly go over it again to properly seperate and lenghten lashes more - and so you don't end up with spider lashes. You have to really wiggle the wand.

I love how it's so easy to use and there is no clean-up necessary when you take it out of the tube. The bristles come out with the perfect amount of product.. I still can't get over that bit.

Taking it off is moderately easy. Everytime I take off my make up I find another lash has fallen. :(
I haven't been able to find many mascara's that don't do that though, which sucks. Maybe it's my make up remover?

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