02 December 2009

How to look stylish for guys without trying too hard

Lately, every time guys (usually celebs) are asked what they think a girl looks best in, they respond by saying something like "Girls look best when they aren't trying (e.g.: sweats, t-shirts, just comfy jeans). What makes a girl look good is her personality."

Most of us girls/women admire other women who really look put together - chic and sexy. We'd never dream of wearing just a t-shirt and sweats on a daily basis. With celebrities influencing society more and more, everyone seams to be stepping their look up a notch.

So, how do you look stylish yet still look as like you're not trying too hard? (Like a "guys girl".)

I think when a guy says something along the lines of "a girl who looks like she isn't trying", he means little make up and no heels. Low maintenance.

Guys like a girl who can wear flats and look casual whenever necessary- but when the ocassion arises she can look hot too. No guy wants to date someone who looks overly done up and sticks out like a sore thumb. It helps to know before hand where you're going. Plus you want to dress comfy so you can feel and act more relaxed.

I've put together and chosen some outfits on Polyvore of some outfits you could wear to get the look:

Edgy look:
Hey Boy Hey Girl
featuring Seven For All Mankind jeans

If you want an even more casual look, you can switch the heels up with some flat sandals with a t-strap and lose the blazer.

Flirty/feminine look:
He's Just Not That Into You
featuring Converse shoes

Bohemian sexy look:
This is currently one of the easiest looks and my favorite for school! Everything (specially the cardi) makes it look very loose and casual, but the fitted tank and skinny jeans make it look feminine.

And of course, with all these looks, keep your make up simple. A smokey eye is fine for night time, but for daytime keep your make up simple with nude-ish lips and go light on the blush.


1 comment:

Mimi said...

Fabulous post! I agree that sometimes it takes seeing someone without make up or heels to really see their true personality come out. Your looks are all so gorgeous! I especially love the edgy and feminine looks.

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