07 November 2009

Rihanna's Interview On ABC Family About Chris Brown Relationship

This is the first time the singer shares all the details about how her career started and took off, how her and Chris Brown met and started a relationship and when things went sour.

In summary, she refers to him as her best friend and how they became dangerous for each other the more they fell in love. When she sees pictures of herself battered that leaked on TMZ she feels embarrassment and humiliation, because this was the person she once loved.

Looks like the following rumors where TRUE:
-the fight started when she saw a text message on Brown's phone and he kept lying.
-Brown shoved her into a window and punched her in the eye and mouth till she was bleeding. He had her in headlocks and threatened to beat her up, while trying to drive to a secluded LA area.

Rihanna went on to reveal that her father was physically abusive towards her mother and used to hit her all the time.
She admits to still having slight feelings for Chris Brown but has no desire - so far - to get back with him and wishes him all the best.

You can watch the full interview below.

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