15 November 2009

REVIEW: Coastal scents

Here's my honest opinion and review.There are LOADS of similar 88 and 120 palettes available on Ebay too, so don't get me wrong: Coastal Scents is not a bad site or make up supplier. In fact, I'm happy that there are cheaper alternatives to brands like MAC and Nars, so people who want to create looks and play with make up can do it on a budget/for a reasonable price.

I was so excited to receive my Matte 88 palette, and try out new looks.

I've only been using this palette a few days, with a shadow primer (Two Faced Shadow Insurance) and though the color payoff is good and they are pigmented, not all shadows are as good as others- some colors don't show up as well as others- I've heard this is the same for some Mac shadows though.

When you dip or swirl your brush in the palette there is significant shadow fall out, but if you're gentle it's not as bad. This also means there's ALOT of chance you may end up with shadow fall out during and after application. This is what bugged me most of all.

I've seen alot of negative reviews about Coastal Scents which I also don't agree with though:
-I mean for instance, though the shadows are dime sized, I don't mind it. How often will I be using hot pink, orange, red or lime green??
-I do wish it came with some highlight shades, but I guess I'd need to get the shimmer pallette for that.
-A big palette isn't handy when you want to carry your make up around.

Would I buy more Coastal Scents shadows?
For the price- YES, but only if I manage to solve the whole "fall out" problem plus now I know what to expect. I'm also so happy to be experimenting with new make up looks I watch on Youtube.
The brushes are great too! I can't say anything bad about the ones I've received so far and finally have a bigger variety to choose from when doing my make up. I love the prices even more.:)

Must haves from Coastal Scents and what I love:
- I've gotten some great brushes for $2, which I'd pay 10x more at Mac. The only thing is that sometimes you expect a smaller/bigger brush and in person it looks alot different.
I didn't just buy any brush though. I had a friend recommend the best ones she'd tried to me.
-My brushes came in a cute baggie with a free sample of a Copper pigment;
-The gel liners are just ok. With a good brush it goes on effortlessly. They're where a bit dried up though and when I would apply it, the dry bits would flake and fall into my eyes during application. After buying these twice and getting dried up ones, I'm definitly just sticking to Mac Fluidline which may be double the price, but only ends up being $9 more ..
-The fact that I now have so much variety in shadow colors and brushes to choose from is the best part. Some of the shadow palettes even come with a mirror.

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