09 November 2009

New fave: Body Shop concealer

I was vacationing in London and stopped by the Body Shop. The sales associate was nice enough to answer all my questions and even helped me pick out the right shade. And I've been happy and under-eye circle free ever since! :D

Since it comes in a jumbo pencil form, it's consistency is drier but that's perfect for my oily complexion as it doesn't slide right off. The pencil doesn't tug on my skin- it's slightly creamy and super easy to blend. If you have dry skin you can use a liquid concealer though.

The shades are numbered. I'm 03, contrary to what I guessed when I first tried it on. So I definitely recommend going to a make up store instead of to just ordering online if you're trying a concealer (brand) for the first time.

I use this under my foundation or peachy concealer..

I can't rave enough about this though:
1. It's perfect for when I'm on the go (or have overslept!). You just gently dot the pencil under eyes, on blemishes or wherever you need coverage. Then blend it in with fingers (or a brush).
2. It'll last for months. So far I've been using it every day for the past 6 months and have only had to sharpen it 3-4 times. You don't need much and by the looks of it this stick could last me till next year.
3. I plan to repurchase.

But.. the con's:
1. You'll need a really wide sharpener. I had to buy one specially from the Body Shop since I had none.
2. It costs $11.00 (on Amazon). In comparison MAC concealers are $16.50. So the price is ... ok.



Anonymous said...

Wow your blog is awsume! ;) About the concealer pencil, if you eyes were REALLY purple one morning, then wouldn't you have to press the pencil harder into your skin to get rid of the purplyness? *ouch!* I always use liquid concealer for my eyes.
keep typing!

Gigi said...

Tnx Anon! :D

Actually that's why I love it. It's very creamy. You don't need to press harder, just apply a thicker layer. The lady told me I'm supposed to apply it with a small brush (take little by little from the pencil) but that seems like too much work and time lol.

But if I didn't have oily skin I'd use a liquid concealer too.

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