18 October 2009

Halloween costume ideas 2009

Here are some fun new, budget friendly and creative (kids, men and women) Halloween costume ideas whether it's for dress up time, trick-or-treating or a halloween party. You can probably make these costume at home (DIY) with items you have lying around.

1. Hannah Montana:
The past year or two, this Disney Character has taken over little girls tv sets and hearts. To get this look you'll need:

*Wig: Blonde/light brown colores, with long straight hair and bangs. Bangs are a must and if you can get a wig with highlights, even better!

*Glittery top: Sequins are best and any color will do. Feel free to add rhinestones or other fun decorations. Think "pop princess".

*Jacket: (Cropped) denim, velvet or corduroy jacket over your glitter or cami top and again: sequins/rhinestones are more then welcom for the full effect.

*Belt: Gold or silver and preferably wide.

*Optional : Stockings. Hold on to your hat- fishnet or patterned preferred. Black also acceptable.

*Bottoms: Jeans or a mini denim skirt (with rhinestones). Rhinestones or other patches (optional) will add more pizzaz.

*Other accessory ideas: chunky glittery jewellery, necklace/earrings, long scarf around the neck. And a mic or use a computer headset to look like wireless mic.

*Shoes: cowboy boots, black boots, sneakers.

2. Scooby doo's gang character:

You can pick from Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred or even Scooby Doo. This idea would make an even better group outfit. If you need more characters to dress up as, go as one of the villains wearing a Halloween mask.

Here's an example:
For Daphne's costume you'll need:

*Costume: A purple dress (can also be sleevless).

*Hair: An orange/red haired wig. And purple matching headband.

*Shoes: Purple boots or heels.

*Accesories: green scarf.

3. Hippy:

Female version:
*Hair: wear it straight if possible or get a wig, parted down the middle. Add an elastic headband.
*Top: band shirt, tie dye, short tub top or anything loose and floaty.
*Accesories: colores shades of course, necklaces with beads, mushrooms or peace-signs, rings., tambourine
*Bottoms: flared out jeans or bell-bottoms.
Male version:
Hair: Long if possible or a wig. Headband.
Top: Tshirt with a vest over. Vest can be furry too.
Bottoms: Flared.
Accesories: Moustache and colored sunglasses.

Happy Halloween! :)

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