30 April 2009

Give your perfume lasting power

So you finally splurged on a new perfume, but sadly a few hours later the smell has faded. Here are some tips to get the most out of your perfume and to understand how you may be making simple mistakes while applying.

First, here's a little background about what makes perfume smell. If the perfume
never evaporated, we'd never smell it! The scent molecules evaporate and perfume
the air around us, where our sensitive noses detect the scent. Different
components of the perfume evaporate at different rates, which means that the
perfume will change over time. (Quoted from Ezinearicles.com)

**Make sure you've washed skin before applying your perfume. If you have sweat prior to applying or have body odor, the fragrance won't mask it for long and the end result is pretty much wasted perfume.

**Don't apply perfume over open sores or irritations, since a combination of perfume and bodily fluids can combine to create unpleasant odors.

*Body temperature, weather, and skin dryness affect how fast your perfume launches off your skin.

How to make fragrance last:

1- Don't put your fragrance on immediately after you get out of the shower. The heat, soap, and water strip away your skin's natural oils. Try using a body lotion first, and give your skin time to recover its moisture balance. This will give the perfume something to latch on to.

2- Applying lotion hydrates skin and people with oilier skin retain fragrance longer than people with dry skin. The oil binds the fragrance to the skin and results in a more controlled release of scent over time. You can opt for applying a lotion in the same (or complimentary) scent as your perfume and wait for it to be absorbed properly.

3- Spritz the perfume lightly on each of your pressure points after they've been moisturized. The most common areas to spray perfume are your wrists, your neck and behind your knees. Between the chest is also a good area and it tends to be oily. Around the hairline works too, but it may clash with the scents of your hair products.

4- Spray perfume across your body, making sure to cover your pressure points for maximum staying power. And also keep in mind to apply fragrance before dressing since it will last longer on your skin.

5- Don't rub the perfume into your skin but instead either just spray it onto skin or lightly dab.

6- If you have skin that remains dry after moisturizing, you may have to reapply perfume at various points throughout the day and night, as dry skin sucks the moisture out of perfume, dissipating the scent.

Last but not least: Stronger scented perfumes naturally last longer than light and airy scents. Choose appropriately!

What perfumes do you absolutely love?


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I was thinking of getting a new "signature scent." Thanks for posting. =)

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This is a good post. Thanks for sharing this. :)

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