14 February 2009

Chic jewelry under $50

I saw these on Maxandchloe.com and wanted to share my favorite picks. After a while you get fed up of always having to replace the cheap Forever21 and Claire's accesories (doesn't mean I'll stop buying from them) and this site has an under $50 section where you can get alot of neat bobbles and bling.. Specially rings which have become a huge trend the last season. Specially wearing multiple rings on each hand.

Here are my favorites and more affordable rings/cuffs/bracelets to spice up your outfit and
hands.. (note: some are on sale).

Blu Bijoux Small Serpent Ring $12.00

Blu Bijoux Leopard Ring $23.00

Blu Diamond Cut Cuff Bracelet $16.00

Blu Bijoux Mixed Media Stackable Bangle Bracelets $45.00

Presh Silver Studded Leather Bracelets $48.00

Blu Bijoux Enamel Rings $28.00

Blu Bijoux Tri-Color Bracelets $45.00


Deborah said...

I love all of those pieces of jewlery!! I especially love that stone cuff with the blue stone- I could wear that with most of my wardrobe! Too bad I'm so poor and can't buy anything :(

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Currently, I am looking for a pretty cocktail ring-I will definately check out the this site. Thanks for recommending it :)

Gia Loose Diamonds said...

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Anna said...

I love those stacked bangles. I was actually just looking at them like 20 min ago on shopstyle haha :)

Beauty 365 said...

oooh, the Cabochon rings are cute!

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