14 December 2008

Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

  1. When applying eyeshadow, apply the lighter color shadow to your entire eyelid as a base. Focus on the inner corner of your eyes with lighter eyeshadows, and darker ones on the outer corner.
  2. Blend the darker shadow outwards and up.
  3. Apply false eyelashes. Don't forget to curl lashes first. (Work the curler all the way thru your lashes, not just the base). Focus on putting the false eyelashes on the outer corner of te eyes.
  4. Apply liquid liner to the top lashline. Avoid the inner area of the eyes and focus the liquid liner more towards the outer edge. You can even wing it out, which looks rather nice on small eyes.
  5. Apply a 1-2 coats of mascara. Once again, focus applying the mascara on the outer lashes.
  6. Avoid lining your lower waterline with black eyeliner. Instead opt for a white pencil liner. Or go with a light liner (brown/grey).
  7. Last but not least, avoid the smokey eye as it tends to make eyes look smaller.

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