18 October 2008

Get Rid Of Dark Undereye Circles!

I've always had them, some times they're worse then usual. It seems the older I get the more I need to do to make sure measures are taken to avoid undereye circles. And I'm still in my twenties!! I hate to think of what it will be like in 10 years.

First I tried "Neutrogena Radiance Boost" and honestly, it leaves a bit of a greasy after feel so I don't really recommend using it with make up.

Then I bought Nivea anti wrinkle plus energizing Q10... and I've been using it ever since! As you probably know, you can't just use any eye cream. It's best to find one suited for your skin age (and type if possible) to reap most benefits and not do more harm then good. This one is actually recommended for people ages 30+.
It also contains a bit of SPF and helped banish my under eye circles. Your supposed to use it every night and day.

Plus it leaves skin moisturized and prevents fine lines. I also heard that Nivea products are ALOT less harsh then many other products out there which always gets an A+ in my book.

More tips for treating under eye circles... Otherwise your only treating your skin/body externally:
Example: when I had stopped working out, and was eating unhealthy, I used to use creams. They helped only a bit. Now that I excersize more and try and avoid junk, my skin and circulation are better. You can also pile on a ton of creams but if you don't sleep enough, it won't really help much.

-Usually people get dark under eye circles from having tired eyes (or they're just heriditary). So straining your eyes behind a computer or not getting enough sleep will definitly make them worse.

-Excersizing really boosts circulation so go for a half hour walk, or better yet do some cardio/aerobics at the gym.

-Fresh fruits and a healthy diet will make your skin naturally healthy from the inside out. When I used to eat alot of junk and/or fried foods (which I still have a weakness for) my skin looked pretty drab and unhealthy. I think I also broke out more with acne. Another reason to eat healthier and have water, fiber, etc is that it promotes a healthy digestive system. This releases toxins from your body which is good for your skin.

Remember, you don't only want to put creams and get a quick fix. It's best to see what your body is telling you and try other natural ways to nix those annoying beauty woes.. :)


wordtryst said...

Thanks for posting this, chica. I'm buying the Nivea as soon as the stores open tomorrow. :) It's good to read about a product that works for this problem!

And yes, I agree that a holistic approach is the best. I've been slipping in the exercise and nutrition department, which is probably why the circles are so dark right now.

instantvintage said...

I really need to get back in the gym. Thanks for the heads up on Nivea. I may need to get on that soon. =)

Glamouricious said...

oh yea, i was doing SOOO well the last 6 weeks (fitness and nutrition wise), and then i slipped and havent been to the gym in 2 weeks. my skin seriously doesnt look as vibrant as before. b/c i skipped the gym the last weeks my nutrition has also been slacking. i am going to start getting healthy again tomorrow though.

Elena said...

Thanks for posting this! I have also had black circles like forever and I have to do something about it!

Beauty 365 said...

how are the circles coming?

and, the gym is great, i recently started up going frequently again and i feel (and look) fab!

lol @ "regularity" -- that really shouldn't be funny but i am a kid at heart ;)


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