12 September 2008

Homemade Lip Scrub

Spa's are now offering lip pampering treatments, but you can make your own lip scrub right at home.
Add a dash of sugar to olive oil and massage lips, concentrating on rough patches.

I'm sure you've heard lips need sunblock too. My favorite beauty product for my lips isn't lipgloss or  lipstick. It's Blistex Silk & Shine, a glossy, ultra moisturizing lip balm that gives a very natural sheen.

This and some eye make up, and I'm out the door.

Super-Silky Lips: Silk & Shine feels satiny soft going on and leaves
your lips feeling that way. Silk Extracts, special moisturizers and vitamins A,
B5 and E help create a silky texture that makes lip surfaces smooth and supple.
It feels great!
A Touch of Shine: Silk & Shine imparts a touch of sheer
gloss to the lips for a healthy, finished appearance. Your lips will look as
good as they feel.


My Fashion Frenzy said...

Thanks for the info. xx

Beauty 365 said...

yes, lip exfoliation is so important and so cheap!

how did the Urban Decay Eye Pencils go, btw?

p.s. - nice layout!

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