24 September 2008

Bedtime Beauty Tips/Routine

Everyone wants to age well. Well I'm only 22 but I have already made it a point to try and (hopefully) fight the aging proces so I won't need to resort to drastic measures later on. And I obviously want to look good NOW too.
"Looking good makes you feel more vibrant. You can hold your head up. You feel more confident in your day-to-day goings-on," says Cochran, who is an international trainer and makeup artist for Chicago-based Fashion Pair Cosmetics.

Sure, make up helps cover flaws, but at the end of the day it comes off, and you want to still be content with what you see in the mirror.

Here are some tips to follow before going to bed so you wake up and maintain your healthy glow:
Apply a suited moisturizer for your skin type before going to bed (oily,dry,combination or sensitive skin). Moisturizer help firm the skin and fight aging. Before applying moisturizer, cleanse your face and apply toner.You can massage your hands and legs with baby oil or use moisturizer. Exfoliate skin in the shower if possible (every other day) to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. This also reveals newer skin cells, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and promotes blood circulation.

Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Brush your teeth before going to bed. Use mouth wash/Salt water(should be warm) to gargle.This kills the bacteria in mouth. Mouth washes may also be used to help remove mucous and food particles deeper down in the throat. Also, check out my post on Lip exfoliation.

You might be working for hours infront of the computer. Place a piece of cucumber on your eyes to reduce tension. This will reduce dark circle around eyes or may prevent dark circles from forming. (You don't need to do this EVERYDAY though). I apply an eye cream before bed though.

Smashing your face into a pillow creates fold lines that eventually become permanent if they're repeated every night. (I'm sooo guilty of doing this). Spending time on your back also helps counter the effects of gravity that accumulate during the day.
In a recent study of 38 women and men, Japanese researchers found there was greater wrinkling in the afternoon than in the morning; they concluded that the face literally falls with gravity as the day progresses. At night, you get a chance to reverse that.
 Drink it!

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