01 August 2008

How To Wear Bright Shoes

Ever since Spring, brights have been a really big trend. From the runway to the streets: pink, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, orange, turquoise and lime. You name it and you'll get a variety of shoes to pick from. So how do you integrate bright shoes into your ensemble? Here are a few basic rules:
  • Match your shoes with a color in your top. Some find this look a bit boring. I personally love seeing things being mixed up too and people being more daring. But matching in this way continues to make a stylish statement, so don’t feel obligated to mis-match if it’s not your style.
  • Wear several brights of the same intensity. By this I mean, for instance, wearing a blue dress, with a red clutch and a yellow handbag.- sure it's daring but it's also modern, creative and it works. Throw in a pastel (pink for instance) and you will look like one hot mess. I'm definatly planning on experimenting with this "rule".
  • Match bright shoes with the same color handbag. Though this look works perfectly for black and neutrals shoes and bags, I cringe when I see too much green, yellow or other bright colors; it's a bit predictable. These rules are pretty much flop proof, but I'm just saying: try and get a bit more creative.
    My advice is to experiment with Polyvore; even if you don't see the exact items you own on there, you can always get an idea of what the whole outfit will look like.
  • Wear bright shoes with a neutral ensemble. This is my favorite look. Brights really pop against beige, tan, white and black outfits. You don’t need to match shoes with your handbag or pick up another colour in your ensemble.
I  avoid buying bright shoes with a patterns. They only compliment a limited number of outfits and can usually only be worn with solid-colored clothing items. Red shoes are a particularly good choice because they’re bright, but operate as a neutral.


Adiel said...

Thanks for the tips. I think I'll break out my red shoes tomorrow. :)

Aliena said...

I've really enjoyed this post...I'm actually on the look out for yellow shoes, so it's been veeery useful!

MR style said...

god this post is cool !! i love your rules !! what about doin it for guys too !!?

Unique Creations said...

I love your blog, so much so that I've added it as a link on my jewellery blog. It is a good place to browse with so many interesting articles to read.

carrie / wishwishwish said...

i dont own any colourful shoes but you've inspired me! haha

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Those suggestions are wonderful... personally, I prefer a neutral outfit with a pop of colour ... I get a bit overwhelmed with too much colour :S

Leeann said...

Cool. I wore all black the other day with bright maroon shoes and I was a bit nervous. Thanks for your post, now feel confident doing so =)

PS..look at you, you travel to the UK and spell color with a "u"! That's so cute!

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