11 July 2008

Sex And The City 2 Movie?

Looking for more sex (and the city)?
Well.. our wishes may be granted seeing as the recent movie was such a huge box office hit.
Read the whole article below. (Source)

Given the enormous box office success of “Sex and the City,” talk of a sequel is not surprising. And on Thursday HBO confirmed that Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema are already at work on No. 2.
“There is enormous interest” by Warner Bros., Michael Lombardo, president of the HBO programming group, told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles. “And I think, in fact, they’re trying, with our help, to put that together now. When that happens, how long between, can’t say. But there’s absolutely interest.”
Mr. Lombardo said the producers and financiers were “really heartened” by the enthusiasm from fans.
A movie version of “The Sopranos” isn’t as certain, but if series creator David Chase is interested, then HBO is too.
“It’s obviously totally up to David,” Richard Plepler, the HBO president, said. “But if David wants to do it, we’d be delighted to explore that, absolutely.”
I think the general consensus is that if they're gonna come with a sequel, they better damn well have a good, no wait, GREAT plot. The story is pretty much "wrapped up." Big and Carrie finally tied the knot and got married. My bet is that she gets a baby (just as long as they don't take 5 years or more to make it). But what about the other characters.. Hmm...

But then I think "if the plot sucks, either way they will still sweep the fashion world with their trend setting ways."
Your thoughts? Dying to see it? Or should they quit while they're ahead?


♥ Marta ♥ said...

I would love to see a sequel but I was slightly disappointed with a first one ... it would be interesting to see what happens next :)

That Girl said...

Id be so happy if there was another one!


Anonymous said...

egh i hope theres not another one

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