05 July 2008

Review: Revlon Nail Prep Smoother

The tool is meant to keep your nail enamel smooth and chip-free longer by preparing nails before application. It's ergonomically–designed for greater comfort and contoured to nails for optimum smoothing.

How to use it?
1.Clean nails and push back cuticles

2.Using the lighter–colored side, briskly buff nails side to side across the nail surface.

3.Nails should be rid of surface imperfections and ridge–free. Follow the same motion with the darker side to prime nails for optimum polish application.

My experience:

I hate having to buff my nails, but love the results. This tool made it a BIT easier, and gave results it claimed: smoothed and prepped nails for polish. They weren't as shiny as regular nail
buffers leave my nails.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Would I buy it again?
I doubt it. It cost me $6 doesn't do much of a better job then regular nail buffers. As with all nail buffers it gets worn out too after a few uses.

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