03 July 2008

DIY: Make Your Own Bandage Dress

Own a sewing machine? If not.. know how to stitch?

Well, Chictopia (and their guest blogger rat_pack ) are there to teach you how to make a bandage dress. You know the ones sported by Rumi, Karla, and other famous people in the blogosphere? (Not to mention, I just did a post about the "body con" look.)

Well go click here and here to be taken directly to Chictopia's site for the DIY bandage dress.

Images all courtesy of: Chictopia

My tip: for a bandage skirt try using a tube top !


Paris Tarts said...

I sew! So this post is awesome! Thanks for putting it up....come check out my 100th post sometime :)


CoutureCarrie said...

That is so hot! Damn I wish I could sew!

Anonymous said...

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Gigi said...

wow, thanks so much Anonymous! :) made my day

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