14 July 2008

Kim Kardashian Dishes Beauty Advice

I just found out that Kim Kardashian has her own blog now. I've visited her site before but never realized she personally updated it. I'm way more impressed by this then the DASH online store to be honest. .
I love her make up- specially now that she has decided to tone down the make up- and there seems to be some really useful tips on the blog e.g. "how to get hot hair." She answers fans questions, updates on her sisters, life, rumors, etc. Not bad at all! =)

Another interesting tidbit I read is that she, her mom and sibling have been using "Revitalash." (the darn thing does cost $150 though!)
Ruby asks:
Kim, do you where eye lash extensions? I am so amazed by how long and perfect your eye lashes always appear... not to mention that both your sisters and mom also have the same perfect look.

No, I do not wear eyelash extensions, Ruby. But just started using an eyelash grower called RevitaLash. It's amazing! It makes your eyelashes grow soooo much!

She also recommends switching up shampoos and conditioners so your hair doesn't get used to same products. This is what keeps her hair shiny, bouncy and vibrant.

Other useful entries quoted from her blog:

Anonymous says:
We really want to know what bra's you use???? I have tried a number of different bras... the best thing to good support and lift (I've found... 34c) is Victoria Secret's convertible push up... and the angel invisible, underwire is okay too. But I find they squeeze me a little too much for my liking... can't stand it all day... what is the secret!!

I am obsessed with Victoria's Secret. I wear the water bra! It is the best ever! I’m also going to get fitted properly. There is a great woman in New York who does this but I know they also have fit specialists at Victoria’s Secret too — most women wear the wrong size bra!

'Mytfine' says:
Your eye makeup is always on point. Which brand of eyeliner and color do you use? And what colors do you use to create the smokey eye look?
I use Stila's black eyeliner and really any dark Mac eyeshadow for a smokey eye. (Source: Kim's blog)

Kim's signature favorite lipgloss is Nars Turkish Delight.


Leeann said...

That's cool. I'll have ot check it out!

Always In Style said...

I have to admit her makeup does look really hot here!

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