20 June 2008

Look For Less: YSL Tribute Canvas Leopard Pump

Glamouricious to the rescue bringing you yet another splurge vs. steal when it comes to shoes!

YSL Tribute Canvas Leopard Pump, $675

Baker's "Emory" Slingback Platform, $79.95


Leeann said...

Fabulous! Let's get some shoes! Haha. I probably wouldn't be able to walk in them though =(

And the Kelly video...part of my job (like my actually work) consists of blogging for Beauty Chat, and as a right of passion I watched this video. My office mates love them some Kelly haha!

Glamouricious said...

come to think of it i doubt i will either. :s would be willing to try lol. but i thought it was horribly painful even walking in 3-4 inch heels. I'm on it though to try out something from Dr Scholls I saw available.

oh and i had no idea your actual work was blogging! How fabulous is that?!! send me the link so i can check it out! =)
i never get why I watch "Kelly". it's so silly but entertaining to be honest lol. or maybe i just don't get it.

Leeann said...

Let me know how the Dr. Scholls works out! I've always wanted to try them but then forget while at the store!

The blog I write for professionally is Beauty Chat (http://www.beautychat.com). We have about 10 writers so it's a very unique and fun blog =) Thanks for the support =D

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