18 April 2008

Sex And The City Movie: Does Someone Die?

Just like me, I'm sure you guys are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of Sex And The City: The Movie. As you may know, the directors several different scenes and pictures to throw us all off tracks as to what the actual storyline will be. Smart move.

Apparently... Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) cleverly let it slip to host Billy Eichner during the Creation Nation comedy show at the Zipper Theater (15.04.08), that some one's character dies. *Gasp!*
But who could it be? The sassy redhead refused to divulge who dies, opening the door for the world to start coming up with it's own story lines.

Guess I will have to wait till the end of May... :)

1 comment:

Lianne Camille said...

I am truly glad Charlotte didn't die.

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