21 April 2008

Acne Fighting Egg Mask

Most home remedies and tips will prevent future pimples from forming which is great. But if you want to try and clear up existing acne and dry up existing blemishes, for oily skin try an egg white mask. It's also extremely cheap and who doesn't love that right? (costs about $0.25-$1.00).
Use it as an extra along with any other acne regimen you are using.

Crack an egg and seperate the yolk and the white... Then beat the egg wite. Use a cotton pad to dip into the egg and apply generously to face or any area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

Your face will feel tight while the mask is on. Wash it off and your skin will immediately feel soft and rejuvenated. The mixture should stay good for 2-3 days.

Like I said in another post, don't use this every day! Your skin does get immune to it and you don't want that happening until your acne clears up.

The only con of this mask is the smell, but I think you will get over it pretty quick.

Click here for reviews from hundreds of other users of this method.
Also: want to get rid of blackheads?? Your perfect choice for a face mask is adding a few drops of lemon juice to the egg white. Just keep in mind (for dry skin) that these 2 ingredients do have a drying effect. Lemon contains natural astringents.

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